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From: Steve Thomas
Subject: Coles_Dreams (Did you receive Ch. 7 yet?)This is a work of pure fiction, (Just how pure is in question!) based on
the author’s feelings, beliefs, and in some cases, experience. There
may be graphic sexual encounters at times between men, so if this offends
you, you are invited to retreat. If you are too young or it is otherwise
illegal for you to be reading this kind of story, shame on you for
reading it - - please stop here. If not, - - ENJOY!Cast of Characters:Cole Alexander Stephanson IV — Our hero Jazz –
(Jack Zachary) Coles oldest brotherRod — Coles middle
brother Igor (Iggy) –
Cole’s Tutoring PupilCole Alexander Stephanson III — Coles Dad Ethyl
Stephanson — Cole’s momRex Remlin– Rod’s best friend
Gus Hartwin — Rex’s exFrom Chapter 6:”I used to only dream of this.” Gus said to me.”What — holding another guy? Yeah me too.” I replied.”No — holding YOU like this.” He whispered it but loud enough that
Iggy heard it. I felt strangely embarrassed.Chapter 7″Wow! You two really DO know each other!” Iggy said.”You have no idea how relieved I am!” Gus said”Relieved?” Iggy said.”Yeah! I’ve never lived in a dorm before. What’re the chances I
would end up with another gay guy?”"Oh!” Iggy said. Then he added, “DUH! Shit! That’s Right! This is
fucking cool! Sunny Lolitas Cole! You can stay now — whenever you want!I had already thought about that. Would that be awkward? And I was
just a little Sunny Lolitas worried now — about — well, I felt so damned attracted to
Gus. And to know that he had — well — as much as a crush on me!?? I
was pretty confused now. A half hour ago I didn’t want anyone but
Iggy! Now - - Shit! I thought, “What does a guy do?” It made me
almost jump with a sharp realization of how important that question is.What does a guy do? How many guys must have found themselves in this
very situation? Whether gay, bi or straight, if a “guy” is attracted
to two different people, what is he supposed to do? The answer was right
in front of me, and all around me. It was what we were talking about
before Gus came. If we’re not Sunny Lolitas ready to make a commitment, then we date
more than one person. Right? RIGHT!!??BUT!! What if they are roommates! Shit! Shit shit shit! I’m only 20
years old. I can’t figure these things out! “What the hell are we
supposed to do?”"What?” Iggy said.”What, what?” I said.”You just asked Sunny Lolitas what the hell we are supposed to do!”CRAP! I said that out loud!!??”Do about what?” Gus asked.I blew air out and went for it! “Look! I’m attracted to both of you.
I have always had a crush on you, Gus.” At this I blushed deep, and so
did he. “and - - I just recently met Iggy, and I have a crush on him,
too. How can I decide?”"You can decide not to decide.” Gus said.”Yeah, Cole! I told you that I wouldn’t mind if you - “”I know you did. But - - both of you are still hurting from your last
boyfriends. I don’t want to hurt either of you.”And besides that, I’m scared, I said to myself. I don’t want to get
hurt either.”I don’t think any of us wants to get hurt, Cole.” Iggy said. “But
like I said, I am willing to take that risk — rather than not love at
all. I’ve been on both sides.”"Oh Hell, yeah!” Gus said. “It’s been barely two months.” He
stopped and looked up, then swallowed hard, squeezed a couple tears out,
then shook his head. “That asshole! Why couldn’t he just keep it in
his pants!” He paused again. I looked at Iggy, and he looked as
bewildered as I felt. What can you say. “Sorry. It’s just so hard
sometimes.”"I know.” Iggy said. “It’s been nearly two years now since I split
with my ex. I’m just now feeling better about it. But it STILL
hurts.”I felt such a tremendous surge of sympathy for both of them. I wanted to
hug them — or something. I looked between them, from one to the other
and back. Then I put my hand on Gus’s shoulder. He grabbed me and
pulled me close.”This is so stupid!” he cried. “I hate him — and I love him! even
after all he’s done — I — I — shit!”I thought about what Iggy had Sunny Lolitas just told me about going back in a minute
if HIS ex came back for some reason and wanted him. I patted Gus’s
back. I was so into the moment, I forgot momentarily that this was the
guy I used to fantasize over. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. This
was Gus Hartwin in my arms! I fought with all my power, but my body
reacted in the normal way. I pulled my pelvis away from him, and stroked
his head, as my crotch tightened the front of my pants.My sympathetic moves must have given him permission to let go. He buried
his head in my neck and sobbed. As he released his grief in my arms, his
hands were on my butt, and he pulled me in close. It was impossible for
me to hide my hardness in this position. Sunny Lolitas It didn’t matter — to Gus.
Finally, he loosened his grip on me and after a huge sigh, said, “I
really feel like a fool!”"Not at all!” I said. I glanced down and my rock hard dick was caught
in the folds of my underwear and was sticking straight out from my body,
making a perfect tent! I looked up and he was just looking up from the
same place. I giggled. He giggled. Then Iggy giggled, and in a short
time we all started laughing uncontrollably. I knew that both of them
needed to let off some steam.I found that I was hungering for something a little different.Each of them was laughing so hard that tears were coursing down their
faces. When we stopped, Gus said, “Did you say you were staying the
night, Cole?”"I — no. I hadn’t decided. I was thinking about it, but then you
came in and - “”That’s RIGHT! You guys were — kind Sunny Lolitas
of doing — something — when I
got here weren’t you? I’ll leave.”"No!” Iggy protested. “You don’t have to leave! Unless — you have
to be somewhere.”"I’m not scheduled to stay here until next week. I can wait until
then.” Gus said. But clearly his heart was not in it. Iggy looked at
me, with sympathy on his face.”Gus,” I said, “Why don’t you call your parents and tell them
you’re staying here tonight.”"Look, I don’t want to ruin whatever you guys were planning.” Gus
said.”Too late for that!” Said Iggy. “So maybe now you can stay and help
us celebrate.”That made my whole body react!”What are we celebrating?’ Gus asked.”The end of another grueling semester — and meeting a great new
friend!”"I really want to — stay, but — I can’t.” Gus said. “I don’t
have my books for tomorrow. And trust me on this — I NEED to study for
this exam!”"What class?” I asked.”There was a conflict in the exam schedule. I have to take my anatomy
final tomorrow.”"No shit?” Iggy said.”Yeah - - Why?” Gus asked.”I think we can help you. We have ours tomorrow, too! We just finished
studying for that! Is that the only final you have tomorrow?”"No, I also have an English Lit.”"Oh.” Both Iggy and I said, both clearly disappointed.”But that’ll be a breeze! I don’t need to study for that tonight.”I handed him the phone. He dialed. “Mom? Yeah. Nope. It’s okay.
I’m staying up here tonight. Yeah. With my new roommate. We just
met. And — Mom? Remember that guy I used to tell you about who could
dance so well, when I was in high school? Yup! He’s here too.
They’re gonna help me with my anatomy final. Yeah, well, no — I don’t
think so. Okay. Love you too.”"She asked if you two were a couple.”"No shit?” Iggy said. “Your mom asked you that?”"Yeah.”"So - - she knows about you?”"She was the first person I told. Hey, she’s my mom. If I can’t tell
her - “”Well, if you ever meet MY mom, don’t assume I told her!” Iggy said
seriously.We got right down to helping Gus study. He didn’t need quite so much
help as Iggy did, so it was less than an hour and Sunny Lolitas
we were finished.”Thanks gobs, Dudes!” Gus said. “Now will you let me buy you both
dinner?”"Sure!” Sunny Lolitas
We said.After dinner we all came back to the dorm. “Which bed is mine?” Said
Gus. “Er, I mean — oh! Maybe I should sleep on the floor.”"Nope! Said Iggy.”Oh — okay. Which bed is mine then — or WILL be mine next week?”"That one up there.” There was one of those bunk bed combos where a
twin was on the Sunny Lolitas top, but a double was on the bottom. “But tonight –
you will sleep in my bed — down here!” Gus looked at Iggy as if he was
crazy. “What?” Gus continued. “you don’t think we can all get in
one double bed?”Gus’s eyes got really big — MAYBE as big as MINE were! Then a huge
smile. “Okay!” he said. We all showered — together — and then we
both watched Iggy to set the tone for what would come next. He put
pajamas on. I got mine out, and Gus Sunny Lolitas started to put his boxers back on..
“Sorry,” Gus said, “I don’t have anything clean.”"We both have pajamas. You don’t need any.” Iggy saidAnother big grin. “Okay!” Gus repeated. Iggy climbed in and motioned
for Gus to follow. I climbed in last. Gus was already spooned up behind
Iggy, so I did the same with Gus. Without even thinking, feeling a naked
body next to mine, I nuzzled Gus’s neck. He grabbed my hand and pulled
it over his waist, and held it for awhile. After a few moments in the
dark, Gus started to sniffle. “Sorry. It’s just been so long!” I squeezed him. He lowered my
hand down to his crotch. I squeezed that. It was already hard. Mine
was pressing hard to get closer in to his crack. He wiggled it a little
and a little shock went through me. Iggy turned over and kissed Gus’s
neck. Gus moaned, and clamped down on my hardness with his butt. I
moaned, and kissed the other side of Gus’s neck. Gus said, “I don’t
think I will be able to sleep this way.”"What made you think,” Iggy said, “we were gonna LET you sleep
tonight!?” And he giggled. But, we did let him sleep. As we held him,
Gus fell asleep first, and then Iggy Sunny Lolitas and I followed suit.I woke up hard, my dick squeezed between Gus’s legs. It was still
dark. I looked at the clock. 3:30. I had to pee bad, but there was no
way to slip out of the position I was in. I whispered, “Gus! I gotta
get up to pee!”"Yeah, me too!”"Yeah, me too!”We untangled from each other and all ran for the toilet. I laughed at
the three of us trying to push our stiffies down enough to pee. I
wasn’t working very well. “Wait!” I said. I stepped into the
shower, and turned it on. “This is where I usually do it!” They
followed me. The running water was too much for me, I just let it go.
It shot much further than I expected, hitting Iggy in the face.”Hey!” he hollered, and redirected his own at me. We were laughing
uproariously, so Gus started peeing on both of us! We were using our
hands to defend against all the high flying streams. I grabbed the end
of Iggy’s and he shrieked, then laughed some more. Then Gus grabbed me
from the rear, holding me around the chest with his left hand, his right
directing the last of my pee onto Iggy’s Chest.I Grabbed his hand, then turned around and looked directly into his
eyes. We were frozen in time. I had wanted this since the beginning of
high school. I closed my eyes momentarily. I felt his warm wet lips on
mine. I opened my eyes and saw a kind of adoration that I never had seen
directed toward me. Our tongues swished past each other slowly - -
deliciously. There was of course some morning mouth, but neither of us
cared.In the mean time, Iggy soaped up a wash cloth and started to wash my
back. When he squatted down to wash my butt, he took care to be gentle
as he washed deeply into my crack. Then he moved the cloth around to the
front, and washed that up and down with his bare hand, his face on my
butt. Then he washed Gus’s dick, stroking it as he had mine. And from
the same place behind me, he reached around and washed Gus’s butt and
back.I took Iggy’s hand and raised him up and kissed him deeply. When I did
that, Gus squatted and started to suck on my rigid piece. I was so
excited, that it wasn’t long before I Sunny Lolitas
felt it starting. I stopped him,
and brought him back up. I pushed the other two guys into a kiss. I
could see it was awkward at first, because they really didn’t know each
other that well, but after a moment, they were into it deeply, so I bent
down and sucked on Gus’s dick. He too was almost ready to blow, so I
switched to Iggy and brought him to the edge and Sunny Lolitas stopped.Oops! Too late. He started moaning and his hips were thrusting, so I
got back on and milked him dry. He was kissing Gus and crying out in his
ecstasy. When he was finished, I got up and his eyes were filled with
tears. “You okay, Iggy?” I said.”I — I — yeah. Um — Sorry, I couldn’t help thinking about my ex –
fantasizing about him — but - - WHEW! I’ve never experienced anything
like that before! I’ve never done a threesome before. AWESOME!”"We could tell.” Gus said.”No, really — you guys gotta do it! Come back into the bedroom!”I looked at Gus, wide eyed, and he looked at me about the same. And at
once we both smiled shyly and let him lead us to the bed.”How — how’re we gonna - -” I Sunny Lolitas started.”I’m new to this too,” Gus said. I’m open to anything at this
point.”"Try this:” said Iggy, “Um — okay, Cole, can you let Gus fuck you –
from behind? Then I’ll suck you from in front. Try to kiss each other
when we get going. That is The BEST!”Gus put on a condom and lubed both himself and me up really well, and
gingerly inserted himself into me, as I bent over the bed, my feet on the
floor. I groaned when it first went in. “Easy — I haven’t done this
much.” I said. He worked it in and out a few times, until I noticed
that it didn’t hurt at all. I had learned to relax, and now it came
pretty easy, so I said, shuddering, “Yeah — Yeaaaaah! Go for it!”As he picked up speed, Iggy clamped onto my dick and bobbed to Sunny Lolitas the same
rhythm. Soon both Gus and I were moaning. He grabbed my chin and
brought my lips up to his. It was awkward, because I had to twist and he
couldn’t thrust as deep. Good thing he is plenty long! We kissed as he
fucked me and Iggy sucked me, until Gus started to blow — and cry out,
between kissing and thrusting. That pushed me over the edge, and I
started to cum a lot! It was all I could do just to breath!When we were finished, Iggy moved out of the way, as we collapsed on the
bed together. Iggy fell on top of us and kissed me. I got a great
amount of my own cum in that kiss. I turned and gave it to Gus. He
swallowed hard and hummed a little.We all spooned back up as we were when we woke up, just Sunny Lolitas holding one
another, nuzzling and kissing necks and shoulders. We fell hard asleep
in no time. When the alarm went off at 8:00 AM, it was difficult to get
up, but we did. We went to our final together, and I then went our ways
to our next test.That afternoon when we met after our exams, it was hard to look each
other in the eyes. Finally it was Iggy who broached the subject. “So -
- what did you guys think? Was what we did this morning - - okay?”I seems so wrong — somehow — but I can’t say why.” I said.
“Conditioning, probably.”"Yeah. It was so completely hot!” Iggy said. “Not something I’d
tell my parents about — but I can’t think what would be wrong with –
with — fun like that.”"There are rules — set up for heterosexual society — that are probably
important,” Gus said, “because of families and such. But with guys,
that’s not an issue. I don’t know. I think if either of you was my
boyfriend, I wouldn’t want to think of you doing some other guy — but
among friends — like this morning - - why not?”"So - - what if, like, you and I were boyfriends,” I said, “and we
both agreed to have fun with a third guy. Would that be so bad.”"I don’t think so!” Said Iggy. “If two guys decide they want to do
a third guy — they can still be committed to each other — can’t
they?”"Maybe this is one of those things we don’t have to worry about until
one of us gets into that position.” I said.”What position?” Said Gus.”In a committed relationship. I answered.”Oh!” Replied Gus. “So you two — um — aren’t — I mean, weren’t
- Sunny Lolitas - “”Naw!” Iggy said. “Cole was my tutor up until this week. We just
happened to get along well — after the tutoring was done. No
commitments”"None — at all?”I looked at Iggy. Then I said, “Not really.”"Not really?” Repeated Gus. “So maybe you were thinking about it?
Cuzzzz — I was thinking about maybe asking you if you wanted to — be my
boyfriend, Cole. And I can see already the Iggy is just trying to be
nice — or fair. You have feelings for Cole, don’t you Iggy?”"Of course I do.” His accent became very obvious. But — I just
yesterday told Cole that — that — if my ex come back today — I’d take
him back. That’s not fair to Cole — is it? I feel like the dog in the
manger — I can’t be comfortable in it, but I don’t want anyone else to
have it either. I know that’s not fair, but it’s what I am feeling.
Cole — if that’s what you want — go for it!”I thought about it again. I was almost ready to tell Iggy I wanted him
for my boyfriend last night. And then Gus came into the picture. I had
ALWAYS wanted him! What can I do? What should I do? “I want both of
you.” I said simply. “can’t that work too? I mean, if a threesome
works — and worked as it did this morning — who’s to say it can’t
keep working?”"I think someone’s gonna get hurt.” Sunny Lolitas Iggy said.”But,” I countered, “maybe we can try it and — maybe you two will
hit it off, and I’ll have to look for someone else. I don’t pretend to
know what it feels like — but I think I would like to give it a try.”"Well, I know what it feels like — to get my heart crushed. I wanted
to die.” Gus said.”I’ll second that!” Said Iggy. “But Cole’s right. I’m up for
trying it.”Gus was looking from one of us to the other. “I don’t know. I don’t
– sorry man, but — I don’t feel the same about you, Iggy, as I do
Cole. Both of you have history with each other. I don’t. I have
history with only Cole.”Iggy looked at the floor. “Oh — yeah. Well, the same goes with me, of
course, but — it’s been two years since I split with my ex.”"I just never imagined it this way.” Said Gus. “Maybe it would work.
I don’t know. You said you thought of your ex, Iggy. I didn’t. Even
once. Rex was a non-issue when I was — doing — you two. It still
hurts, but — I guess since there is no chance that we will ever get back
together — I’ve let go maybe more than you have. Sounds like you WANT
him to come back.”Iggy looked at the floor once again. “Uhhhm, Maybe — I guess you’re
right.”"And — what are the chances he will come back?” Gus asked.Iggy now gazed as if looking across the Grand Canyon. “He won’t. He
WON’T!” He said, his eyes reddening. “He won’t.” He said to the
floor.I quietly said, “Gus — Iggy — Will you be my boyfriends?”Both of them, as seriously as I had asked, said, “Yes”.Notes: I TRULY did not see that coming. Does it ever work? Can it work
– even as hot as it may seem? Comments are welcomed! To Steve at
s4dhotmail.com. Please write “Cole” on subject line. Thanks & love!
SteveBottom line: Love will Rule in the end.
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